First Friday Parade at Clemson

A few weeks ago Chris took the kids and me to the First Friday Parade at Clemson. It was our first time to go, and Chris was excited for us to experience something he enjoyed back in his college days (a looooong time ago. Just kidding honey…).

I’ll be honest…I was a little nervous to pack up our three little ones and try to keep them all contained in a crowd (hello nightmares about losing my child in a sea of people) but with two locked up, I mean strapped, in a stroller it really wasn’t that bad!

This was the pose Eli kept the whole time…belly poked out and unimpressed look on his face. Apparently he is above boring old parades. (ha) I was able to get him almost up to the front of the line of people, so he had a good view of everything! (and I had another picture of just him, but he was closing his eyes…oopsie!)

Rhett LOVED the parade. I was surprised that the loud noises didn’t freak him out (thanks Aunt Carley for that trait, by the way) but he clapped and waved and pointed to it all. His favorite was the firetruck and the large soccer balls they rolled down the street.

Elliot looked like a lil orphan Annie in her headband and every time I looked down at her I laughed. She’s just so cute and has such a serious little face! She was so good the whole time.

I am an Alabama fan, but I’m also not stupid (contrary to popular belief that those two things run hand in hand). I know that my children will most likely grow up to be Tiger fans because of their daddy. I know the power of a father. So I am trying to support and let it be. It could be muuuuch worse, and at least it is the least offensive of the Tigers out there (BITE ME AUBURN).

I sure do love my little munchkins. I have to admit they all look pretty cute in that orange and purple. Elliot has on a Clemson onesie, her bib is just covering it up (Planned? You’ll never know…)

Be still my heart. So thankful my kids have such an incredible man to look up to and imitate. And if Rhett someday decides to attend Clemson, this picture will be going in his dorm room. He has no choice. (ha)

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