Bathroom Remodel: Before and After Pictures

This past week I felt motivated to finally do something with one of our upstairs bathrooms. We use it for the boys and for guests and it had become a disgusting mess of junk and clutter. It was driving me crazy just to walk past it!

This was the bathroom when we bought the house. I had taken down the wallpaper border about a year ago, but hadn’t had time or energy to paint it.

TA-DA! It feel sooooo much cleaner and this re-do only cost us about $80 total, since we already had the paint leftover from our guest room.

My cute little helper who woke up while I was painting. She loved screaming and hearing her voice echo in the empty bathroom…which then woke her brothers up. (ha)

I feel like the paint color really brightened the room up and even makes the outdated linoleum more bearable! I used Olympic Misty Blue as the wall color.

This wooden frame used to be a mirror, but the glass part had gotten broken in one of our many moves, so I decided to convert it to a picture frame. I just cut down that print of the boys to size and taped it in there.

Oh my goodness I hate brass. This fixture was driving me crazy, so I used some Rust-Oleum high-performance enamel spray paint in Matte Black to show it some love. Side note: I don’t recommend using spray paint inside…it is very messy and you will feel high (I’m not speaking from experience of course….).

I love the way it turned out! It looks so much better and goes with the overall look of the room.

Chris built these amazing shelves for me and I bought the brackets at Lowe’s. A quick coat of stain and they were ready to go! I may or may not have made Chris hang them for me when the stain wasn’t completely dry and our hands were all sticky and covered in stain. OOPS. I was just too excited to get them hung!

And that’s it! This was so fun and very cheap, and I feel like it made a HUGE difference in this bathroom. I now enjoy walking in here. The first time the boys took a bath in here, Rhett stood up and said “LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS!!” I think that’s his way of saying he approves. (ha)

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