Our New Home Tour

Well it’s official! We are now homeowners and residents of Columbus, GA. The movers bring our things on Monday and I CANNOT wait to start getting settled after a few months of being nomads.

The Lord’s hand was all over us finding this house. It’s the perfect mix of Chris and I. I am all about OLD. Charming details and history make me smile.

Chris is all about NEW. No hassle, no surprises, and no repairs. So when we found this charming, old, yet remodeled home, we were both sold!

It has original bead board, hardwood floors, and doorknobs. I am in loooooove.

My creative mind is spinning a 100 miles per hour thinking about all of the things I can do in this house. The potential is amazinggggg.

Like this little nook. LOOK AT IT. I see bins and cute boots and coats and alllllll the adorableness.

The living room is a little small…actually the whole house is about 1,000 sq feet smaller than our other home, so it’ll be interesting to try and fit everything, but I am in love with the original fireplace.

This is the master bathroom. I’m probably going to paint it a lighter color eventually.

This is the master bedroom. OHMYGOSH the windows! They are original and stripped of the white paint that used to keep them from opening.

And I have always wanted a fireplace in my bedroom. Talk about setting the mood. (Heehee)

This is the dining/kitchen. So here’s where Chris and I disagree…I am not a fan of the table/bar and cabinets blocking the view of the kitchen. It feels mismatched to me, but it will do for now.

The brick chimney in the dining room makes me have ALL the heart eyes. I think it adds so much character to the room.

I am so happy to have beautiful white cabinets and new appliances! Chris and I are both amazed that we have new appliances…and so grateful!

The view from the back of the kitchen.

The guest/kids bathroom. Also will probably be painted a lighter color.

This is the boys room.

Elliot’s/Guest room.

The backyard needs a lot of work, but we are having a complete fence built soon and eventually hope to lay some sod since it’s mostly gravel and concrete right now.

Someday we’d love to build a deck too. We are excited about our new home and all of the future projects we can work on together! But we are both thankful to have a move-in ready home for us to settle into and work on stuff when we are ready. (Ha)

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One thought on “Our New Home Tour

  1. Beautiful! I love all the old house charm, and how wonderful that it’s got all the newness of appliances and updates. Definitely a great find! Look forward to seeing it as you move in and make it your own.


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