Healing Hazel Teething Necklace

Little Miss Elliot has started teething this past week and it has been suuuuuuper fun. (ha) I was hesitant to give her teething tablets due to recent studies coming out about them causing seizures. I used them with both of my boys, they helped a ton and they had no symptoms like that, but I didn’t want to risk it.

My normally easy going and happy baby was SO grouchy, and Tylenol and Motrin were not helping her much. She wasn’t sleeping and she cried most of the day. So I was at my wit’s end of what to do or how to help her.

I was in a store one day and happened to see these amber teething necklaces by Healing Hazel at the check out, and bought one out of desperation.

I put it on her when she woke up from her first nap and by the end of the day I could tell a slight difference. In the next few days she was back to her bubbly self! It was incredible.

She is still drooling like a crazy animal and gnawing on everything she can get her hands on, but she seems to be less irritable. It brought relief to her and to her momma! Knowing she’s not in constant pain makes me SO happy.

Healing Hazel Teething Necklace
Healing Hazel Teething Necklace

Since I myself have witnesses how well these necklaces work, I cannot recommend Healing Hazel teething necklaces enough. I’ve been super impressed with how well they work. I purchased the Raw Honey necklace.

With that being said, I know several people who are hesitant to try them because they are afraid their baby will strangle itself with the necklace, so here are a few guidelines for you if you are wanting to purchase an amber necklace.

  • Make sure there is a two finger space between the baby’s neck and the necklace.
  • The necklace should never reach past the chin.
  • Take it off during naps and bedtime

Elliot cannot even reach her necklace with her hands, and most of the time it is covered up by her double chin. (ha) I had to pull it forward for the pictures so you could see it, but normally its tucked away in her chunky baby deliciousness.

She wears her necklace all of the time, and I choose to let her sleep in it. I know she cannot reach it to choke herself and it’s not tight on her neck at all. It is always your call as the parent though. Only do what you feel at peace with.

Healing Hazel Teething Necklace
Healing Hazel Teething Necklace

I am super excited to have found this great company and this product that works. And I am excited to partner with them today and offer 15% off of your purchase! Just use the code COURTNEY for 15% off!


coupon code: COURTNEY

for 15% off your purchase.

I’d love to hear your feedback on any of you who use/will use these necklaces! Leave them in the comments.

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