3 Tips for Spending Time With God When You Have Kids

I’ve written about this topic before, but I thought it might be time for an update. With each child that I’ve had, my routine in spending time with the Lord was different.
In my previous post, I talked about spending time in the word after the first feeding. That worked when I had one child, but did not when I had two. Chasing a one year old around all day and then staying up all night with a newborn presented a whole new set of challenges and if I didn’t grab sleep whenever I could, I got physically sick from exhaustion.

So I had to get creative and find a new rhythm. It’s been the same with my third child and I’ve tweaked what has and hasn’t worked for me, and I thought I’d share and maybe give you mommas of multiple children out there some new ideas to try.


1. Write the Word journal.

I know I’ve talked about this before on my Snapchat and Instagram, but I cannot express how much I love this journal by Lara Casey. My older sister bought this for me for my birthday and it has been huge in helping me spend time in the word.


What I love is that the scripture is already picked out for you and I can make the most of the 15 undistracted minutes I have to get into God’s word. I also don’t feel overwhelmed by it because it doesn’t take too much time and I don’t feel guilty for not completing it all (because I usually DO get to finish it), like I feel when I am trying to do a more in depth study.


2. Listen to Scripture or Scripture Rich Music.

Even though my days are noisy and chaotic, just having scripture or some uplifting music playing in the background helps my soul remember the bigger picture.

I use the Bible app on my phone and it’s free and has every book on audio. Since my husband is a techie geek (sorry babe), I use our Bose speaker and then God’s word is playing throughout our house. Loooooove.

Also, if you’re looking for some great scripture based music, check out As Isaac. We absolutely love them. It’s great to sing along to, or have playing in the background during dinner. Cannot recommend them enough.


3. Keep a devotional on your kitchen counter.

Now this means my counter has to be clean enough for me to find the devotional, which can be a problem (#reallife), but I love something quick that I can read while working in the kitchen that reminds me of the Lord and refreshes my soul.

I’ve been loving this devotional called Voices of the Faithful. Each day it has a scripture and a story from a missionary serving somewhere in the world. It’s very convicting and encouraging to think about the sacrifices of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and helps put my day in perspective.


So I hope these three tips helped give you some new methods to try. Find what works for you, and don’t feel guilty if these don’t.

In this season of little ones, my time with God no longer looks like one long chunk of time in the Word. And I’m learning that that is okay. I may only get little “snacks” of His Word, but it is still filling to my soul. And I am so thankful for that. He meets us right where we are, and He loves that we desire to be with Him, even if it doesn’t look like it used to. Don’t be disheartened. Keep fighting, Momma! It’s so hard right now, but our faithfulness in seeking the Lord will pay off. We will be a better picture of Christ to our children and we will find the Strength we need to keep going when we spend time with our Father.

3 Tips for Spending Time with God When You Have Kids
3 Tips for Spending Time with God When You Have Kids

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