Fall Festivities…or the lack thereof.

The Carolina Farmhouse

The past few weeks have been good. I am slowly starting to feel a little less nauseous and sometimes I even have bursts of energy (gasp). Unfortunately these usually happen late at night right as my husband is getting ready for bed, but he’s a good sport about it.

The Carolina Farmhouse

One project we’ve been working on together is getting our master bedroom decorated. Since we moved into the house almost a year ago, it has literally been a dumping ground for all of the lost junk in our house. Oh, and apparently a pile for dirty clothes. It’s been one of the messiest rooms in our home, and to me that’s really sad. But it’s also kind of symbolic.

The Carolina Farmhouse

What I mean by that is, since our life has been so stressful and chaotic in the past, we haven’t really made each other a priority…at least in “unnecessary” ways. Like we’ve just been surviving and hanging on for dear life, and now that life has slowed down, we are learning to fight for each other in the small things. We are learning that the small things are actually the big things. We’ve started having undistracted time without television or our phones every night, reading Scripture together as a family, and even calling each other throughout the day just to talk. Life seems to try to pull us apart in so many different directions, and staying best friends and falling in love over and over again isn’t something that just happens for us anymore, it’s something that we have to strive for. But it is SO worth it.

Our room is kind of a reflection of that. It was just a functional space (barely…if you didn’t die tripping over all of the junk) and we never had time to make it beautiful and something we enjoyed being in. But now we’ve started taking small steps to change that. We’ve already painted it (including all of the off white trim…bleh!) and set up our new bed frame, which I am in love with, by the way! We still have a ton to do, but it’s a start. We want it to be a peaceful and clean (can I get a HALLALUJAH?) place that is refreshing to us.



The Carolina Farmhouse

The fall colors are so beautiful around here right now. But honestly I feel like I’ve been in denial that it’s actually Fall. We never went to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, we don’t even have the first decoration up. But hey, we watch a lot of football. And that counts right?!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is eating hearty soup and cornbread. These kinds of foods are just so soothing. I guess that’s why they are called comfort foods. I made a yummy sausage and potato soup the other day that even my husband loved. I’ll post the recipe soon, so be watching for it!

The Carolina Farmhouse

Rhett was excited for his first year of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and we bought a TON of candy to make sure we had enough. But sadly Rhett had already gone to bed by the time the first one’s came by…and there were only four of them. So now we are sitting around getting fat while getting rid of all of that candy. Oh well. (ha)

And that’s been our Autumn so far! Any fun activities you and your family have been up to this season?


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