Sickness, Baby Showers, and Gender Reveals. A week in the life…

This past week I learned (once again) how very weak I am.

It all began when Rhett came down with a terrible cold on Sunday, which I immediately caught on Monday. It wouldn’t have been so traumatic had Chris not left to go out of town on Tuesday.

Oh. My. Goodness. I felt like death and barely had the energy to get myself out of bed, much less take care of a sick toddler and very happy baby. Poor Chris felt so bad that he was away for three days while I was feeling so terrible.

I managed to haul myself and the two boys to the drug store to get cough drops and some infant Tylenol. You should know that this was a big deal for me…I am not one of those brave women who haul her young to the store to run errands. I still get this fear in the pit of my stomach every time I think about going to the store with two children. Alone. As in outnumbered.

I know a lot of moms who do this naturally like it is no big deal. It’s a big deal to me. I don’t know why, but I just get so anxious. I’d rather just wait until Chris gets home and go by myself.

Rhett also decided to give me a crash course in what it’s going to be like having teenage boys by falling off our bed and biting a hole in his tongue, which resulted in him bleeding out of his mouth AND his nose, which then resulted in mommy bawling her eyes out. As if that weren’t enough, he decided to face-plant out of his high chair which knocked the breath out of him. It was a very special day.

I learned very quickly what a big baby I am, and how very much I depend on my husband. Shout out to all of you single parents out there…I don’t know how you do it! You are tough!

Once Chris got back into town, it was then time for me to head to Tennessee for my older sister’s first baby shower! What a perfect time for a girls’ weekend! My mom and other sister met us there and we spent the weekend all under one roof. Just like old times. 🙂

Her shower was absolutely precious. Seeing her glowing and rubbing her enlarged belly made my heart so happy. Stephanie, the hostess, shared Scripture about the blessing of new life, and we all prayed over Kaysie and little Charlie. It was a sweet, sweet time. I was so thankful to get to be there to witness it all. Kaysie is going to be an amazing mother!

I got back home late Sunday night and was so thankful to be back home to my sweet husband and boys! Time away is sweet, but it makes me love and appreciate them even more! Usually it only takes me about an hour to start missing them all again. And can I just give a shoutout to my amazing husband?! He watched both boys ALL weekend while I was there. He’s a beast.

On Thursday we had our ultrasound to check my placenta and make sure it wasn’t looking crazy like it did with Eli. Praise the Lord everything looks normal! What a relief to this momma’s heart. We were also able to find out the gender and drumroll….


I’ll be honest and say I was completely shocked and a tiny bit disappointed at first. I guess the pack of boys will have a she-coon on the team now. (ha) But I am so thankful and trying to imagine what our life is going to look like with a little Mitchell girl running around. I pray that I am a good example of what a strong, godly woman looks like…but I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous knowing I will be her first example of womanhood. AHH.

So many exciting things are happening around the Mitchell home these days. Our days are full, but so are our hearts. I am a blessed woman!

PS. I went to the store today with both of the boys. By myself. That’s twice in a week and a half. GO ME. (totally kidding…I know I’m pathetic. ha)


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