Goodbye, South Carolina.

Yesterday we made the move from Liberty, South Carolina to Columbus, Georgia. It was such a bittersweet day. The kids were up at 6:30 so the day started early. We had so much to pack up on the trailer and shove into the leftover room in our cars. (ha) We worked non-stop for 3 hours, and finally got everyone fed and loaded up.

As I took one last walk through the house, I couldn’t help but burst into tears. Memories began to flood my mind. I brought two of my three babies home to this house. I planted my first garden here.

My pregnancy with Eli and all of the worry and complications that came with it happened in this house. We also saw God do the impossible and brought that tiny miracle baby home through our front door. Rhett took his first steps here and Eli spoke his first word.

I stared at my kitchen sink…nothing special at first glance, but I bathed all three of my blessings in it. They each loved to splash and coo and make a mess.

So many Christmases and Thanksgiving with family took place here. Friends’ wedding and baby showers, birthdays and surprise parties. Too many sweet times to count.

While Chris and I were packing up our room one afternoon last week, I got quiet and he noticed I wasn’t okay. (I guess he’s not used to me being quiet. ha) I tried to fight back the tears but as I shared with him all of the memories and good times that were flooding my head, they just kept coming. He told me to let it out and feel all of these feelings.

I know that probably sounds cheesy, but it’s my tendency to shove things down and not deal with them, and they usually come back to haunt me at the worst times. It’s easy for me to just move from one season to the next as quickly as possible, and not deal with all that I am leaving behind.

I tend to want to focus on the good of this new season and avoid the fact that I am leaving behind too many good things to count. I need to grieve the loss and feel the sadness. This is not easy and I can’t just rip it off like a band-aid. It’s not something I can just “get over with.”

I will miss South Carolina. I have loved living here and being near Chris’ family. It is here that they truly became my family and brought that same sense of comfort my own family does. I cry just thinking about not having them down the road.

I will miss our church family. In one of the worst trials of my life, they all embraced Chris and I and loved us through it. I met many of them for the first time while they were bringing meals to my front door. I am dreading the process of finding a new one because CrossPoint was just THAT good. I made so many dear dear friends there, and I miss them already.

And Chris will miss Clemson. Oh how he will miss it. My biggest competition are those Tigers. (ha)

I know that there is a season for everything, and the season of being in South Carolina is over for us right now. But I am SO thankful for the time we had there. What a treasure it was.

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Wife to my sweetheart. Mother to four blessings. Keeper of the place we call home.

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