Armoire for toy storage/ How to Organize Legos

When my boys were babies, I would see memes about legos and stepping on them and what a pain they were, and I would laugh, but never relate because they were too young for legos. I arrogantly thought to myself “That’s not really a problem for us.” I jinxed myself. ha

Fast forward only a few short years later and my boys are 5 and 6 and my life had become overrun with those tiny little pieces that are somehow in EVERY SINGLE ROOM. I step on them. I sweep them up. Only to find them in every corner and under every piece of furniture.

And all the boys wanted for Christmas was…you guessed it…more legos.

So I was wracking my brain for a practical (and sanity saving) way to store these tiny torture toys. Not only was I sick of them being everywhere, but with baby girl coming in May, I don’t want choking hazards on the floor in every room so I know I need to figure out something soon. I’ve tried and failed before but I think I found a solution. I found these see through zipper baggies on Amazon that are the size of a sheet of paper, and I thought “Perfect! These will work.”

I had the boys separate their lego sets and break them down. They put each individual set into a bag along with the instructions and we wrote the name on the tag and they can easily go pick out a set they want to build and then break it down and put it all back once they are done. Our new rule is only one set per child out at a time.

Also can we now talk about this beautiful armoire?! I found it on Facebook marketplace over New Years and I had been keeping my eye out for a piece to go on that wall. I needed a pretty place to hide all of the toys and this thing is perfect! It makes me so happy to have an antique to add beauty and warmth to the room, but also it be practical and a place for my kids to keep their toys…because they live here too. ha

It had enough room for books, puzzles, Lincoln Logs, Elliot’s baking stuff, and of course, the Legos. And there are extra shelves we can install if we need more storage.