A Day In The Life: what my day looks like with three children under the age of two

So I’ve always been hesitant to do a day-in-the-life post because I never wanted it to come across the wrong way. We’ve all read those blogs where it seems like they are bragging on all that they do or how much they accomplish in a day, and I never want to leave other mom’s with those yucky feelings of inadequacy that I feel when I read that kind of stuff.

But in all honesty I really do enjoy reading about other mom’s days. Partly because it’s informative and partly because, let’s face it, I’m nosy. (Ha)

So when my sister suggested we both chronicle our days and post about them, I decided to just do it. Not only will it be a great way to remember this season when it’s long gone, but I also hope it gives any of you ladies who are wondering what your days will be like with three children an idea of what goes on. (And it may not be as bad as you’ve been thinking!)

So with that being said, here was our Monday this week!


11:00-12:00 am – feed Elliot

So this day started a little early with Elliot waking up about an hour after we went to bed. She’s been pretty good about sleeping through the night, but she was just a hungry little thing last night!


4:45-5:30 – pump and feed Elliot

Again, I think maybe she’s either in a growth spurt of just a little hungrier than normal. Also, I exclusively pump (due to latch issues with Elliot), so I’ve mastered pumping and feeding her a bottle at the same time to cut down on time (praise Jesus!!). I actually don’t mind exclusively pumping because I am making a lot more milk and have a ton in the freezer which means date nights and getaways with my man. Can I get an AMEN.


9:00 – get boys up

My boys do not sleep until nine, they normally start waking up around 7:30, but I leave them in there until then. (Ha) Now before you think I’m terrible, they both talk and play happily in there. I’m trying to enjoy this while I can because I know all too soon Rhett is going to learn to escape from his crib and it’ll be a whole new ballgame!

So I get the boys up, change their diapers and bring them downstairs to sit in their high chairs. This morning I made scrambled eggs, but only because I didn’t want the eggs I bought to go bad. Most mornings it’s just dry cereal and fruit if they’re lucky. (Ha) Most of the time I have a screaming newborn who wants to be fed at the same time, so it’s definitely not gourmet around here! Maybe one day I’ll have pancakes waiting for them when they wake up…but that day is not today.

While the boys eat, I put Daniel Tiger on the tv and heat up a bottle for Elliot and pump while I’m feeding her.

Once she is done, I change her diaper and put her in the swing and get Eli a bottle ready.

10:30 play time and bath time

After breakfast the boys usually just play or I read to them until lunch. Today they got baths in between there too.

Bath time is a ton of work for me and honestly I kind of dread it when I’m here by myself. I have to make sure Elliot is happy and I had to figure out a way to get both boys out of the bath because they aren’t old enough to leave unsupervised for even a minute. So I’ve worked it out to where I bathe them both at the same time, get Rhett out first and dry him off (and try to keep him from running off), then I get Eli and carry him into their room. While I’m putting lotion on Eli, cleaning out his ears, and dressing him, I am just hoping Rhett (who is still totally commando) doesn’t pee on the carpet before I get to him. After Eli is all dressed, I put him on the floor and shut their bedroom door so he doesn’t go down the hallway, and begin the routine on Rhett.


11:00 lunchtime

I fix the boys lunch and while they are contained in their highchairs, I go and bathe Elliot. I choose right now to bathe them all during the day, because our evenings are complete mayhem for now and if I don’t do it earlier in the day it will most likely get overlooked. And I don’t know about you, but I like having clean children.

I give Eli another bottle and while he’s drinking that, I get Rhett to clean up their toys.

11:30 lay boys down

I take the boys and lay them down for their naps. They share a room and this will be Rhett’s only nap. Eli takes another afternoon nap.

I pump again and then heat up some leftovers for Chris and I to eat for lunch. It makes me feel so blessed that my husband gets to come home for lunch most days. It gives me a breath of fresh air to see his face during the day!

12:45 feed Elliot

Normally this is my only down time, so after I feed her I turn on Netflix and just sit still for a second. (Hallelujah!)

2:15 pump and fix snacks for boys

Again, my boys don’t sleep until 3, but as long as they are happy in there for a bit, I try to get as much done before they are on the loose as I can. I get my pumping done and fix their snacks. And sometimes go ahead and feed Elliot. But today she was still sound asleep.

3:00 get boys up

I get them up, change their diapers and feed them snacks. While they are eating I try filling out my Write The Word journal by Lara Casey, but didn’t get all the way through. A few verses are better than none though, right?!

Eli is super grouchy today, and I think it might be more teeth coming in, so I give him some tablets for the pain. Then we all just play and hangout.

Elliot is now hungry so I feed her.


4:15 lay Eli down for second nap

Poor Eli looks so exhausted so I lay him down for his second nap. This is also the only one on one time I get with Rhett, so we usually cuddle and watch a show, or like today played with blocks and trucks. It’s amazing how much calmer he is when it’s just him.

5:00 pump

5:30 Chris gets home

Most days Chris comes home to a lot of mayhem, which is not what my heart desires for my husband to come home to, but in this season it is what it is.

Usually I am pumping and feeding a baby, while Rhett suddenly decides to become possessed by something and run around frantically. It’s like he knows I am stranded when I’m pumping so that’s when he decides to jump off of furniture or touch things he shouldn’t or just be insane. (Ha)

Chris goes and gets Eli up and makes the boys some chicken nuggets. They both eat and then play some more before bedtime.

6:20 bedtime routine

Not every night looks the same, but we try to be consistent in their routine as much as we can.

Chris brushes Rhett’s teeth, I feed Elliot, and Rhett cleans up his toys. We then read our Psalm of the day (we’ve also worked through
Proverbs and that is a great book for a good  quick chapter to read before bed), and get the boys headed up to their room.

6:30 Rhett and Eli’s bedtime

6:45 dinner time for mommy and daddy

We love eating all together as a family but a lot of nights it just doesn’t happen for us. So we find it easier to feed the kids first and take care of them, and then we just eat later. Tonight we had turkey wraps and homemade guacamole. Mmmm!

7:45 feed Elliot

I fed Elliot while Chris worked outside cleaning the pool.

9:00 feed Elliot

Chris let me take a bath while he fed her. What a sweetheart!

Then I’ll pump and we’ll be off to bed hopefully before 11. (Which did not happen, due to a fussy baby and a teething toddler. ha)


And that my friends is a peek into my day!

Also, I get asked by a lot of people how many diapers we go through a day and how many times I pump. Today we went through 17 diapers and I usually pump 6-7 times a day. Whew! (Ha)

God Is Sovereign, Even On The Hard Days

God is sovereign, Even on the hard days

Life as of late has been very…full.

I will be 35 weeks pregnant with our little girl this week, and as each day brings her arrival closer, I am filled with anticipation. Both good and serious. Knowing that I will soon (Lord willing) get to see the face of the child I’ve been carrying for 8 months makes me giddy with excitement. Will she have a head full of dark hair like I imagine? Will she at last be my chunky newborn, with squishy rolls of kissableness?

I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and soak in all of her uniqueness. I am also nervous to be welcoming our third child in less than three years. Come April, I will have a 2 year old, a one year old, and a newborn.

I would be lying if I said I was not overwhelmed.

God is sovereign even on the hard days

I feel like I have barely had time to wrap my mind around the fact that I have two children, and now another little one will soon be here. I struggle to comprehend the logistics of how having three children under the age of 2 will even work. Eli is crawling, but cant feed himself and due to his prematurity (read more about his story here) is still more like a 8-9 month old than a one year old.

Feeding time around here is already so chaotic that Chris and I call it “crazy hour.” He knows when he calls at 11 am, a crazy woman will likely answer the phone.

Questions like “How am I going to do this?” and “Am I going to end up in the looney bin?” cross my mind on a daily basis. My heart feels a swirling mixture of joy and sheer panic on a daily basis. I told Chris, “I’m not in the mood for another challenge. I feel like I’m barely passing on the last challenge.” I’m not on my A-game and I feel inadequate for what’s about to happen in our life.

But yesterday at church, I was really convicted by something Pastor Ken said. He was teaching on the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem before His crucifixion and it was the part of the story where Jesus tells His disciples to go and get the donkey colt (Mark 11:1-8). The disciples obey and when they were questioned by those standing near the donkey, they told them what Jesus had said and they let the disciples take the donkey colt. It was a display of His sovereignty.

Pastor Ken said, “Jesus orchestrated everything. He wasn’t just a victim to all that was about to happen to Him. He was sovereign over it. He had complete control over each and every detail.” He then asked what about our lives? Do we trust that God is truly sovereign over the things in our lives? The big and the small?

And I was like “OH SNAP.”

I think because Chris and I have chosen to trust the Lord with the size of our family that I feel a personal responsibility for our choices. Like I am the one to blame, so when it gets hard, I can’t really admit it’s hard or people will automatically roll their eyes and say “But you’re the crazy people who breed like rabbits.”

But if I am looking at my life rightly, it is God in His sovereignty who has given us each and every child. He knew I would miscarry my first baby, and in the tragedy bring our little Rhett who could not have been born without that loss. In His sovereignty He knew that Eli would be born 10 weeks early and that I would be pregnant again only 4 short months after that. If Eli had not been born early, Miss Elliot would not be about to be born. Her life would not have been possible. None of it just happened.

So I have to ask myself, “Do I really believe He is sovereign?”

God is sovereign even on the hard days

Yes, I do. And because of that I know He will be with me on the hard days of adjusting to three little ones. He will help me through the sleepless nights, late-night feedings, and “crazy hours.” He will give me immeasurable grace to faithfully discipline my two year old who loves to push the boundaries, to have eyes in the back of my head to keep an eye on my now TWO mobile children who seem to love electrical sockets. He will teach me how to be a mother when I still feel like a child myself.

So I encourage you today, whether you are a man or a woman, a mother to a brood of little ones or a single college student, your life is not an accident. Not only the timing of your birth, but also each and every circumstance that has come across your path–even the really hard and not so fun things. Even the things that feel so big and out of control that you aren’t sure you can handle them. Even the really good things that overwhelm you in the best possible sense.

God hasn’t forgotten us. Nothing “slips through the cracks.” Only God can cause both wonderful and tragic things to bring good to His children (Rom. 8:28), and He causes rivers to spring forth from the desert (Is. 43:19). He’s in the business of doing the impossible. And I’m on His team.

What are some things the Lord is “stretching” you with?

God is sovereign even on the hard days