A Day In The Life: 2017

So I recently went back and re-read my previous day-in-the-life post and whew! Things have changed since then. And honestly that makes me a little happy. (Ha) I do not miss all of the early feedings and pumping a bazillion times a day!

I thought it would be fun to do a follow up day to compare what has changed and as a way for me to remember this season when it is gone.

So with that being said, here was our day yesterday!


9:00 am: Get the kids up

Just like my last post talked about, my kids do not not normally sleep this late, but I try not to get them up until 9. We are all battling a cold/stomach virus this week, so they were all actually asleep at 8:30 and started cooing and talking while I was making breakfast.

I give the boys cereal and fruit, and Rhett gets oatmeal. I feed Elliot her food and give her a bottle, then put her in her exersaucer to play (Also keeping her upright while her food settles keeps her from spitting up orange baby food all over the rug. Ha).

I have started playing a Christian playlist on Spotify while we all eat breakfast together and the boys love it! It’s a cheerful way to get the morning started and it warms my heart to see them slowly learning the words.

While the boys finish up eating, I run the vacuum so that Elliot doesn’t get into all of the crumbs they have dropped. It’s a new thing for them not to cry when I vacuum and I am SO thankful! I could never find a good time to do it because it traumatized them when they were awake and then woke them up when they were asleep. Sooooo…dirty floors it was! Ha

9:45 Playtime

We all hang out in the living room and read books, push the walker around/run over baby sister with said walker, and watch a show (Little Baby Bum on Netflix. Two words: life. Saver.).

Eli has a cough, so I try to diffuse some oils to help him with that. Trying to keep him still and rest his little body is a difficult task!

Rhett dropped his toys in the toilet, and that was a first for us. So I put them in the kitchen sink to run through the dishwasher later. While I was cleaning out the toilet, Eli got into the diffuser I mentioned earlier and spilled it. Elliot was screaming during all of this. (Ha)

11:00 make lunch

I make sandwiches for the boys with goldfish and Pediasure for Eli (come on and gain weight baby boy!). I feed Elliot another bottle.

11:30 Chris comes home for lunch

Best part of my day. 🙂

He helps me lay them all down, and then we fix lunch and watch The Office.

12:30-1:30 watch tv

Normally I do something fun, like decorate or work on projects during this time, but since I’m sick, I watched The Office the whole time. (Ha)

1:30 Elliot wakes up

I change her diaper, and let her play on the floor.

2:45 Boys wake up

I fix snacks and drinks and we play and watch a show. It’s a very calm slow day due to them feeling under the weather.

I feed Elliot a bottle and lay her down.

3:45 Lay Eli back down

4:45 Chris gets home

Chris goes into work at 7 at his new job so he is supposed to get to come home at 4, but most days it’s closer to 5 and sometimes 6. He’s a hard worker but I’m a needy wife, so I miss him!

5:00 Make dinner and get Elliot and Eli up

I start making dinner while Chris plays with the kids. Chris feeds Elliot and makes some chicken for the boys since the tacos we are having aren’t very kid friendly. (Ha)

6:00 Clean Up

Chris plays with the kids while I do the dishes and vacuum again. I clean their high chairs and trays to get prepared for the next day.

6:15 Brush the boys teeth

6:30 Bedtime for boys

6:45 Feed Elliot a bottle and lay her down

7:00 Chill with my man until we go to bed around 9:30


And that was our day! For any of you new moms out there or veteran mom’s who have recently had another child, it’s amazing how quickly the seasons change and yet feel like they last a lifetime!

If you are in the midst of a crazy and chaotic season with your babies, take heart! Although it might not feel like it, they will become more independent and it will get better.

My kids are still very needy and aren’t all that independent, but they are learning! And that encourages me so much! I can’t even imagine a day when they can feed themselves and get in and out of the car by themselves! (Ha) But I know it’s coming!

Looking back on my first day-in-the-life post, I actually saw how far they’ve come. We’ve all changes a lot in just a few months!

So let’s take heart, be encouraged that it won’t always be like this, and scoop up those sweet babies! Let’s savor every season, even the hard ones!

Sidenote: Our daily diaper count went down from 17 to 10. There’s a praise right there!

It Takes Time To Grow Roots

So as life has settled down and our new home and town are a starting to feel familiar and less “new,” Chris and I are trying to get plugged into some kind of community here.

We have been visiting churches, and even though we haven’t found one yet, we are trying our best not to become discouraged.

It takes time to make friends, build community, and cultivate meaningful relationships. And I have to remind myself of that a lot.

I want instant results. I want to move past the awkwardness of visiting a new church every week, or making myself “friendly” to new people when it’s not something that comes natural to me.

I am naturally a shy person when I first meet people, and I struggle SO much to think of things to talk about with people I’m not comfortable with. I remember praying back in my single days for a husband who was social and great at conversation…and the Lord answered! Chris makes new friends wherever he goes.

And I just stand there and awkwardly laugh and let every second of silence cut into my soul deeply. (Ha)

But I am learning that fighting through the awkwardness is worth it. I wouldn’t have met the awesome people who became dear friends in Clemson if I hadn’t put myself out there. I miss them all dearly now, and want so badly to just move them all down here so that I don’t have to make new friends! (You think I’m kidding…)

But the seeds I plant now as I meet new friends will eventually grow into deep roots. It just takes time and faithfulness in cultivating those seeds.

Community is worth the fight. It’s worth the uncomfortableness and the sweaty palms. It is necessary to our growth as people and as believers.

So I guess I just wanted to share this to remind myself that although this is hard, and I really have to push myself outside of my comfort zone, that one day I will look back at this post and be able to count the friendships that have come out of this “seedling phase.”

And I hope that it encourages you too if you are in a place of loneliness or not seeing the fruit of sowing seeds of friendship, don’t be disheartened. Keep working at it.

We truly reap what we sow. And I know that’s not necessarily what we always want to hear. I want others to take that first step and extend their hand. I don’t like going first.

But “a man who has friends must himself be friendly…” (Proverbs 18:24 NKJV)

So let’s be brave. Ask that co-worker out for coffee. Make that phone call. Invite them over for lunch or dinner.

Let’s open our hearts and our homes to people and watch what the Lord does! Roots only come from seeds being planted.

Living Room Gallery Wall

One of the first things that caught my eye when we looked at our house was the beautiful fireplace and mantel. The brick and warm wood tones made me give Chris “the look.” We made an offer on the house shortly after. (Ha)

I could just imagine all of the beautiful decor on that mantle…a mirror with a wreath for Christmas, springtime florals, or candles that smelled of spice for the fall.

But none of those things happened. You see, I didn’t read the fine print on our marriage license that said, “The TV must have precedence over all of the pretty things.” ITS A BIG DEAL PEOPLE.

At every house we looked at, while I was swooning over beadboard and original hardware, Chris was standing in the corner, arms folded, figuring out where the TV would go.

Even though it killed me inside a little bit, we both did agree that the only place the TV would fit in our living room was on the mantel…which meant all of the “cable junk” went on the mantle too. Bleh. BLEH BLEH BLEH.

But I decided to try and make the most of it and while I mulled over several ideas, I settled on the idea of a gallery wall.

I bought some matted frames (Pinnacle 11FW1444 White 7-Piece Solid Wood Wall Frame Kit) from Amazon, and I decided to go with white because I felt like black would be a little overbearing since I was using so many frames.

I am happy with the way it turned out! I feel like it draws your eye up and keeps the TV from being the first thing you notice when you walk in the room. *praise hands*

And that means both of us are happy! My hubby can kick back and watch his (beloved) TV and I can stare at the sweet memories on our wall. Marriage is all about compromise right?!


Pin the image below and follow me on Pinterest for more home decor ideas!

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Make-Over

Finally the first room in our house is complete. I am notorious for biting off more than I can chew and I love starting projects, but struggle to complete them (which is why there are three half-way done rooms in my house at this moment).  So I am proud of myself for finishing this one! GO MEEEEEE.

Our master/guest bathroom was a dark burgundy color when we moved in, but as soon as I saw the original beadboard and white cabinets, I knew this bathroom was going to be ADORABLE.

Now I don’t hate burgundy, but it is just not my style. I love all things bright and cheerful (much to my dark-color loving-husband’s dismay. ha). So the red had to go!

I first bought what I thought was a nice grey color, but as soon as I started to paint it on the wall, it was a brown color and I freaked out and texted my sister who then recommended Repose Gray by Sherwin-Williams. AND I LOVED IT.

I was amazed at how much just a change in paint color brightened up the room. I didn’t even realize it was that dark in there because we have a window up above our shower that lets light in. But Chris and I couldn’t get over how different the room looked because of the grey.

I added a few touches of “farmhouse style” to the cabinets and added an old window above the toilet. If you are wanting to add that farmhouse feel to any space, go for wooden tones, grey metal tones, and lots of white. Add greenery to make it not seem so “sterile.”

I am so so happy with our little bathroom! It’s super small (as in, when you sit on the toilet your knees hit the cabinet in front of you, small) so it was a little hard to get pictures of, but now it’s a cheerful little space that makes me happy!


New Year, New Rhythms.

As I’ve been spending time evaluating this new year and what goals the Lord is showing me and wanting me to work towards, I can’t help but think back on what I posted last year.
While so much is the same…lots of messes and chaos and little people who need me, I can’t help but sigh and say a thank you prayer at how far the Lord has brought me.

Last year, I gave birth to my third child, we listed and sold our home in SC, we moved to Columbus, GA and relocated three times within 6 weeks of being down here.

The Lord provided a beautiful home for us here in Columbus and for the first time in several years I don’t feel like life is “on hold” in anticipation of a big event. Like moving, or having another baby.

So this year I was actually able to set some goals and think through what the Lord has for me this year.

This is my first year using Lara Casey’s #powersheets and I LOVE THEM. For someone like me who always has about 47 different things going on in my head, the Power Sheets helped me to quiet the noise and figure out what matters to me.

So as I was searching my heart and trying to narrow down what 2017 should look like, the Lord kept revealing a common theme for me. My family. My home. My children. My husband.

I felt Him tugging on my heart to be present in my home.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a Starter. I am all about a project. Let’s do it. Let’s plant those seeds, start that ministry, help whoever needs help. Let’s throw some dynamite into the mess and shake things up.

However, I am not so great at finishing things.

I lack endurance in those projects. I get overwhelmed and want to go start something new. I like the adrenaline rush at the beginning.

And yes, I realize this is not a great thing. It’s a huge flaw of mine, and it is something I feel like the Lord is bringing into the light this year. He wants me to endure and to cultivate. He wants me to be faithful.

So my word of the year is nurture.

I love the definition of nurture –

“the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.”

Nurturing doesn’t happen overnight. It is a time consuming process. Sooooo…I ain’t so good at nurturing. (Ha) But the Lord has shown me that marriage and motherhood are the perfect tools He is using to cultivate those things in me.

I thought at the start of this year that my calendar and planner would be full of volunteering at the homeless shelter, crisis pregnancy center, or church. I thought we would most likely lead a bible study of some kind in our home or lead a small group. And these things may happen at some point in the year!

But the Lord has been calming my heart and showing me that when I am busy “doing things for Him,” a lot of times I feel resentment towards the things that get in the way of that…like my children. As my focus goes outward, my frustration grows towards them.

So I feel like this year, for this season, the Lord wants me to nurture my children. He wants me to be present. To listen to the little stories. To read the books. To answer the questions. To sing songs. To change diapers. To teach them about the Lord. To cultivate in their hearts obedience and kindness. To be all in.

He wants me to nurture my marriage. To put down my phone and listen to my husband when he talks to me. To go on dates with Chris. To pray for Chris. To love him to the best of my ability.

So this is what my heart for this year is. To not just plant the seeds, but to water, weed, water again, cultivate and prune the things God is growing in my life. I want to desire and look to the harvest. Knowing that my toil is not in vain in the Lord.

I’d love to hear what the Lord wants for your 2017! Is it a year of planting or growing for you? Comment below or email me some of your goals for this year.

(Note: Please know that I am not saying we should not serve or be involved in church or ministries. Nothing could be further from the truth. And as believers we are called to do these things. However, when I put more priority and importance on those things over my own family, that is where the problem is. And that is what the Lord has shown me I have a tendency to do. Just wanted to clarify. Ha)

Our New Home Tour

Well it’s official! We are now homeowners and residents of Columbus, GA. The movers bring our things on Monday and I CANNOT wait to start getting settled after a few months of being nomads.

The Lord’s hand was all over us finding this house. It’s the perfect mix of Chris and I. I am all about OLD. Charming details and history make me smile.

Chris is all about NEW. No hassle, no surprises, and no repairs. So when we found this charming, old, yet remodeled home, we were both sold!

It has original bead board, hardwood floors, and doorknobs. I am in loooooove.

My creative mind is spinning a 100 miles per hour thinking about all of the things I can do in this house. The potential is amazinggggg.

Like this little nook. LOOK AT IT. I see bins and cute boots and coats and alllllll the adorableness.

The living room is a little small…actually the whole house is about 1,000 sq feet smaller than our other home, so it’ll be interesting to try and fit everything, but I am in love with the original fireplace.

This is the master bathroom. I’m probably going to paint it a lighter color eventually.

This is the master bedroom. OHMYGOSH the windows! They are original and stripped of the white paint that used to keep them from opening.

And I have always wanted a fireplace in my bedroom. Talk about setting the mood. (Heehee)

This is the dining/kitchen. So here’s where Chris and I disagree…I am not a fan of the table/bar and cabinets blocking the view of the kitchen. It feels mismatched to me, but it will do for now.

The brick chimney in the dining room makes me have ALL the heart eyes. I think it adds so much character to the room.

I am so happy to have beautiful white cabinets and new appliances! Chris and I are both amazed that we have new appliances…and so grateful!

The view from the back of the kitchen.

The guest/kids bathroom. Also will probably be painted a lighter color.

This is the boys room.

Elliot’s/Guest room.

The backyard needs a lot of work, but we are having a complete fence built soon and eventually hope to lay some sod since it’s mostly gravel and concrete right now.

Someday we’d love to build a deck too. We are excited about our new home and all of the future projects we can work on together! But we are both thankful to have a move-in ready home for us to settle into and work on stuff when we are ready. (Ha)