Home Tour

imageSo I know the Lord has a sense of humor. Here my blog is called The Carolina Farmhouse, and I am living in a 1970’s brick split-level. I don’t mean to sound like an ungrateful brat, but if you know anything about me at all, you know I love all things old.

As in good old. Not outdated brass fixtures and shag carpet old.

I love imagining the little family who lived in the old farmhouses I pass on my way home. I “oo and ahh” over original wooden doors and knobs. I love squeaky floors with dents and scratches. They have such character!

This is what I imagined for us when we began our house search.

But the Lord had different plans and changed my mind (which is a miracle) and helped me to not only be okay with a boring split-level, but actually like it.

Yes, I still want a farmhouse someday, but He is teaching me to love where I am and I am learning to express my own unique farm-style, while living in a brass-fixture-olive-green-sink-in-the-bathroom house. With each project I tackle, this place is feeling more and more like home.

So come on in, and make yourself comfortable.

::: The Foyer :::



We will start the tour off with the foyer, since it just makes sense to start in the room you see first. I liked the chair railing around the room, but I hated the tan color. You may not be able to tell, but it kinda had a pink undertone to it. Not cool.




Chris and I did our own wainscoting around the living room and foyer and painted it all with white trim paint. We added a beautiful slate gray color to the top of the walls, and I love love love the way it turned out!





I feel like wainscoting adds such character. It makes any space feel more refined.



And yes, of course I had to add an old window pane to give the space that farmhouse feel. I’m still not sure about the table choice yet. I’ve got my eye out for something more rustic, but we’ll see.

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