About Courtney

I am so excited you’ve stopped by my blog. My heart for this site is to share my struggles, triumphs, and lessons learned along the way.

I am a newbie to marriage and motherhood, but I want to be as honest and vulnerable as I can about both. They are teaching me and growing me DAILY.

I’ve been married to Chris for three years. He is an answer to all of the prayers I prayed during my single years. He is a man who seeks God, serves his family so selflessly, and is SO fun to boot! I am smitten.

I am a mother to three little ones, all under the age of three. And no, I don’t have twins! Their birthdays are all in April and within two weeks of each other.

Rhett just turned two and is my wild child. He is just like his engineer father…always trying to figure out how things work. Eli is one and seems invincible…he is my child who runs into walls for fun. He also has an incredible story. (Read more here) Miss Elliot is almost 9 months old and is one of the sweetest babies ever. She’s gonna have to be tough to hang with the boys!

I grew up in Mississippi and Tennessee, so to say I am Southern would be an understatement! I spent my childhood years on a 200 acre farm in Flora, MS where we raised horses. Country living runs through my veins.

Chris is from South Carolina, and we lived there for most of our marriage until recently moving to Columbus, GA in November of 2016. And while I know it probably doesn’t make sense to have a blog named after a state you no longer live in, I felt like it was still an important part of our lives. It all started in South Carolina for us, and that will never change.

Thank you for visiting The Carolina Farmhouse and let me know where you’re from or what brought you to my little corner of the internet!


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