Miss Elliot Turns 3 Months


I can’t believe my baby girl is already three months old. Where does the time go?! Seriously.


I’m pretty sure God blessed me with the most easy going child in the entire world. She rarely cries and only gets fussy when she’s hungry or tired. The rest of the time she just coos and smiles and sleeps. (Jesus knew I needed this with her two crazy older brothers!)


Everyone says she is my mini-me, and I can see it a little bit. But it’s always hard to see yourself in someone for me. I see her daddy in her a lot.


This girl has quite the arsenal of facial expressions. And I will go ahead and admit where she got that from. Chris. (Juuuuust kidding.)


She’s a master of the “stank face” and can already make you feel about thiiiiiiis big with her “Are you serious?!” face. Her future husband is gonna love that. (ha)


Her hair is finally starting to come in and her mullet is slowly starting to blend in with the rest of it. (She’s southern. Mullets are a given okay?)


She will probably kill me for this one someday, but seriously. LOOK AT HOW CUTE SHE IS.


Goodness I love my baby girl. I can already see us having girl nights and getting mani-pedis when she gets old enough. Oh and countless Anne of Green Gables marathons.


Her daddy was getting tired of pictures. (Ha) She is already such a daddy’s girl and coos like crazy whenever she sees him. *heart melting*

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