When Parenthood Isn’t Hard


You’ve been told once, you’ve been told a million times.

Parenthood is hard.

The quantity of blog posts, books and “helpful” advice givers out there is substantial. I can’t count how many times family, friends and random strangers felt the need to remind me that “You’ll never sleep again!” when I was pregnant with Rhett. My favorite was “When that little one gets here, say goodbye to your freedom, honey!” I don’t think people realize how devastating comments like that can be to a young mom. You can send yourself into a huge pit of depression by taking it all to heart.

I remember how thankful I was when a few friends who had recently had babies spoke encouragement to me at a time when I was terrified about what was about to happen in my life. I was beyond thrilled to welcome my little boy into the world, but all of the negative comments from people began to make me dread his arrival.

After all, I love sleep. And I still want to travel, try new things, and be spontaneous. Was this little person really going to ruin all of that?!

Well I am here to tell you: no, he didn’t ruin anything.

It is true that the whole sleeping thing is a little different than it used to be, I get enough to function, and some days I even get to sleep in! It makes the other days so much easier.

Chris and I have been on like 12 road trips since the little booger was born, one when he was only three weeks old! Traveling looks different and it takes a little extra thought, but if it’s something you love, a baby doesn’t keep you from doing that.

In the mornings when I hear those little coos (and sometimes angry cries! ha) on the monitor, and am greeted with a joyful squeal, my heart feels like it’s going to burst from happiness. When he gives me a sleepy smile as he’s falling asleep in my arms, tears sometimes fill my eyes – what mercy that I am entrusted with such a precious person! Sometimes when he’s grouchy and I try to make silly noises and dance around and all he does is give me a death stare, I can’t help but laugh.

Now my purpose in all of this is not to sugar coat things. Being a parent is hard. But I felt like I had more than enough people telling me that – still do! I want to be that person that says “Not only can you do this, but you will love it!”

Because in all truthfulness, being a parent is absolutely amazing, and one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

So take heart, little Mommy. It’s a fun, exhausting and absolutely amazing ride!

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