How To Dry Your Own Hydrangeas


Now this may be a no-brainer to a lot of you crafty people out there. But for me, I have to have my hand held every step of the do-it-yourself-way, so I thought I’d share anyway!

After all, someone had to tell me how to do this for the first time, so I am passing the baton. (ha)

Hydrangeas scream Southern. During the summer months they can be found in practically every front yard below the Mason-Dixon line. There are so many beautiful variations and colors. I just love them.

Hydrangeas I saved from our first little house.

They hold sentimental value for me as well. My Granny used to always have baby blue Hydrangeas in her front yard and my older sister used them as her wedding bouquet in remembrance of Granny after she passed away. SO precious.

So yes. These flowers are wonderful! And I was so excited when I was taught how to preserve them all year long by drying them. They add a splash of color to any table top or little nook and plus they are free! (Yet another bonus from these flowers. I’m beginning to think they have magical powers!)

So with that said, let’s get down to business!

How to dry your own Hydrangeas:

1. Pick several blossoms. (unblemished of course)

2. Tape several of the stems together at the ends. This seals them and you can easily hang them from the ends with the tape.

3. Find a dark closet or cabinet and hang them upside down inside. Leave them for about two weeks.

4. Display and enjoy!

Hydrangeas are the only flowers I’ve had any success with when it comes to drying. When I dry roses they always crumble and fall apart.

Any tips for drying other flowers? Have you dried Hydrangeas before?

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3 thoughts on “How To Dry Your Own Hydrangeas

  1. I love dried Hydrangeas! I used them in our centerpieces in our wedding, and then dried lots of them! They are all over our house. Our Grammie had the most beautiful blue hydrangeas in her yard at the farm, so my love for hydrangeas go way back. So special!


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