August Challenge: Two Weeks WITH Make-Up

Okay, so this month’s challenge may seem odd. Especially with so many women baring their faces for “no make-up Mondays” and posting selfies with #nomakeup.

Well for this bum, every day is no make-up Monday!

Blame it on the fact that I am a new mom. Or a wife. Or a woman. Or a brunette. Basically I use any excuse I can.

Because I hate wearing make-up.

I don’t know why. I definitely like the way I look better with make-up, but for some reason I don’t like the way it feels. I’ve tried every kind of foundation…but I still just don’t like the way it feels.

That being said, my poor husband didn’t realize that when we got married that I would turn into an ole hag and never do my hair or make-up again. I realized this one day when I wore make-up because I had an appointment, and he just stared at me and was like “You are just so beautiful.”

Now, before anyone gets all mad at my husband and thinks he doesn’t think I’m beautiful without make-up. BACK IT UP.

I mean. No, honey, that’s simply not true.

Chris is SO precious and tells me I am beautiful every day. But he’s still a man who appreciates it when his wife keeps herself up and puts a little effort into her appearance, like…I don’t know…showering? (ha…wish I was kidding)

So, this is my challenge for myself this August:

I will wear make-up every day for the next two weeks.

Now my reasoning for this is two-fold:

1) I want my husband to know that I love him and care about the way I look for him. I want to do something a little extra…even if it is something as silly as wearing make-up.

2) I’m hoping (*fingers crossed*) that I will get into the habit of wearing make-up more if I do it consistently for the next two weeks. I feel more put together when I do my make-up, even if I would rather be “clean-faced.”

So what about you ladies? Is this a struggle for any of you?

If so, want to join my challenge? Let me know how it goes!!

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4 thoughts on “August Challenge: Two Weeks WITH Make-Up

  1. Hilarious! I’m actually a very self-conscious person who learned from a young age that I needed makeup…and a nose job (thanks for the suggestions mom), so I’ve been battling how to get through a day without makeup (not a nose job). I had no idea there was a no makeup monday challenge women have been posting about. I’ve been challenging myself to only wear makeup when going to work or to events at night. Since i’m off for the summer, i’ve been trying to push the limits by going out without the mask. I’ve gotta say, my skin feels much better. If I had better skin, i’d probably go without it more often. I’m so impressed by people who are natural beauties. Clearly your husband recognized that you are one. It sounds like makeup just enhances the beauty you already have. As for me, i’m considering joining the circus; I hear they have a thing for people who wear loads of makeup, constantly. 🙂

    1. I think it’s great that you are slowly trying to shed your “mask.” I think that is also something needed in our society today. To see the imperfect and realize that it is also beautiful. So you go girl! 😉

  2. Go girl!! I feel you on FORCING yourself to be “presentable” when Daddy gets home. 😊 I really love Bare Minerals and if I use their tinted primer beforehand, I feel like I use less makeup, so it’s never heavy feeling.
    Reading through your archives! Keep it up!!

    1. Oh I know. I really don’t want him to walk through the door every day and think that Halloween came early! 😉 I am still going strong and haven’t skipped a day, so I’m getting there! haha That’s great about Bare Minerals. I’ll have to check that out!
      Aww thank you! I appreciate the encouragement!

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